accelerate the journey to your dreams

Hi I’m Andrea

I’m a wife, mommy, boss-mommy, nurse-attorney, gluten free foodie and an ocean loving girl with a simple salt water soul. I’m a network marketer and entrepreneur who believes in multiple streams of income.

I’m here to teach you the online strategies and tools I used to automate my business and accelerate the journey of living my dream by leaving corporate America to be at home with my kids.

The Journey to living my dreams wasn’t easy but I can help you make yours easier.

I learned a lot on my journey and made a ton of mistakes along the way. The best decision I ever made was to seek out mentor ship and education beyond my own company. I’ve learned how to use social media in a way that doesn’t run people off but instead actually brings people to me. I teach you how to use online strategies that will make home meetings and nights away from your family a thing of the past.

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