2 Simple Steps to Break Down The Money Objection

How many times have you heard “how much is it” and “that’s too expensive”?

If you’ve been in Network Marketing for any time at all, the money objection is the most common one you will encounter. Unfortunately, most marketers are trained incorrectly to respond to money objections. 

Most people try to convince the prospect that it’s not that expensive or that they should just work the business then so they can afford it. When people give this objection they are looking for an easy way to rule it out. When you try to convince them you fall right into their hands and reinforce that whatever it is you’re trying to sell to them is something they don’t want to spend their money on. Instead you should be taking the power out of the objection by making them feel like they may be losing out if they don’t look at your product while also building value.

Watch my short training video below to learn the 2 phrases I use and teach to my team and how to respond when confronted with the money objection.

That was super simple…right!? 

Now you know exactly what you need to do the next time you’re confronted with the money objection.

Be sure to share this with your team and before you know it you’ll have an army of people breaking down the money objection.

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Andrea Holley

Andrea Holley Boss Mom

I was a hard working girl in Corporate America that had a great job and two little kids that I never got to see. I wanted more for me and them. I knew Network Marketing could be the path for me to spend more time with my family and start enjoying my life more on MY terms. So, I got to work and built a Network Marketing company while working a full time job. I was only able to do this by building my business online. I'm a full time mom now with an awesome side gig and I want to teach you the same strategies and techniques that worked for me...so you can realize your dreams and purpose too!

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