Are Overwhelm, Anxiety and Fear Holding You Back in Life and Business?

The last couple of months have been filled with many ups and downs for me. I was struggling to find my new groove with work life now that I’m at home full time.

It was my ultimate dream and my WHY to be able to be at home with my kids…BUT once it happened I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to get all my work done with my kids running around.

Amazing how when you achieve a dream it can seem to overwhelm you.

I was also very fearful of having a major slide back in my business…I mean I’m home full time now and I should be constantly crushing it. That was my internal dialogue.

So not only was I figuring out this “new” life and schedule but I was also living with fear. 

All this did was keep me from moving forward and doing the things I knew I needed to be doing.

I came across this blog post by my mentor, Ferny Ceballos, couldn’t have come at a more perfect moment. Always and amazed by how the universe works. He interviewed Jeffery Combs, the world renowned life coach and mentor to thousands of extremely successful business owners.

If you’re having any feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or fear….you have to watch this interview. It will help you move beyond those feelings and into ACTION!

Below are 7 key points from Jeffery’s interview.

These are no means a distillation of everything he shared (it’s only a small taste), so make sure you watch the video in its entirety to benefit from all his rapid-fire “truth bombs.”


You do what you do, because of the state you are constantly in.

If you live in an overwhelmed brain, then you’re going to spend a great deal of your time avoiding what you should be doing, which leads to a term called procrastination.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population procrastinates.

Now, the definition of procrastination means, “to avoid.”

Many people avoid failure (and success) without really understanding why they’re doing it.

Importantly, there’s a difference between an intention and a commitment.

Most society’s language style is not conducive to the results they seek.

People don’t understand when communication between their brain and their body is noncommittal and how evasive and cautious their language typically is.

So, if you’re in sales and marketing and you’re present in a prospecting conversation, you’ll inevitably hear all this noncommittal noise in most people’s speech pattern, which will tell you real quickly who’s a qualified buyer and who’s not.

Most people are not present; they’re in a state of constant overwhelm and not being fully committed.

And if you don’t integrate the word commitment in your communication then there’s a high probability you’ll stay in a state called “inspiration.”

More on that in a moment.


The term “action” comes from the book Think and Grow Rich by the great Napoleon Hill.

Action means skills, habits, and mindset.

It means dedicating blocks of time to honing your craft.

But, if you avoid honing your craft and you keep going to seminars, rallies, conventions, or if you keep hiring a series of coaches…well, that’s education, and that’s information, but it’s only inspiration.

And taking action is what you require.

As well as a clearly defined set of goals.

You need a clearly defined set of reasons to overcome your anxieties.

Now, as I’ve stated, most of society lives in an overwhelmed, anxious state.

Anxiety is anger, hate, guilt, resentment, abandonment, rejection, or overwhelmed feelings.

These are the very emotions that keep you from action.

And this becomes a story most people continue to perpetuate to fulfill a neurochemical feeling they are emotionally addicted to, which leads to disappointment.

Addiction tolerance is keeping you from taking action.

This may not be an addiction as we commonly know it, but it is an addiction nonetheless.

If you find yourself constantly avoiding doing what you need to do, then you may have an addiction tolerance to living in an overwhelmed, unorganized state, which is one of the most difficult addiction tolerances to overcome.

As long as you live in a “mixed message,” overwhelmed state, and your approach and delivery are not in alignment with where you want to be, you’ll continue to avoid the process of action and will do the same thing over and over to fulfill the emotional state that keeps you overwhelmed and emotionally addicted.

Now, when you are aware of this overwhelm addiction, and have something that you know will help people living in this state, you might want to share it with them.

So where can you find people?


The Internet is unequivocally where you can create your livelihood.

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You could be an affiliate marketer or Internet marketer, who’s writing content, intellectual property, branding, making videos, or blogging, just to name a few.

You could be posting any multitude of situations to many different platforms or channels to deliver your message.

And although you may feel that you are getting out there and delivering your message, which you feel it is an important message…

You may still feel you’re not connecting with people or getting the results you want.

This is because, even though the message is important…

You need to align your message with the person you want to be.

This means you can’t be in an overwhelmed or anxiety state when you deliver your message.

Your state needs to be one free of anxiety for you to live the life by design you feel you so richly deserve.

As well as understanding what “letting go” really means.


Letting go means this:

Separating your feelings from the events that shape them.

The events that have shaped your feelings create your emotional state.

And when you learn to collapse an event so you’re no longer creating the mind body connection to the events that shape your feelings, then you become separate from, rather than one with, that addiction.

And when you are able to separate yourself from the events that shaped your feelings; now you can move into your inspiration.

As you learn to let go of your anxiety you will move into a state of awareness.

As you let go, separating your feelings from events, you’ll be in a more relaxed body.

And as a result you’ll learn to move into joy, bliss, love and enlightenment.

Being in a conscious body, your creativity will begin to flow.

Your writing style will improve, as well as your ability to articulate your feelings.

You’ll start to bring a different level of value and service to free enterprise.

In a free market, there are no limitations.

So your results are going to be a direct reflection of your creativity.

And the more commitment you show to being the person you’re capable of being, the higher the probability you’ll attract the reality you want.


To attract people you have to be creative and innovative.

Look, attraction is a science and you must be very clear on your avatar, who is the ideal client you seek to attract to your reality.

If you’re not clear on why you do what you do, you’ll continue to do that which is familiar.

Now, you’re looking for 20% of society to inspire, not the 80% of society who are overwhelmed.

Remember, most of society is overwhelmed and will not be receptive to your message; especially if your message is mixed.

When you become clear with your purpose, clear with who you are, and clear with what you’re in the process of creating, then you’ll begin to magnetize and polarize, and as a result you’ll start attracting the people you want in your life and repelling the ones you don’t want.

You’ll create a different expectation.

And on that note…

Raise your expectations!

You’re going to get your expectations, not your goals.

Many people set goals, but they’re not clearly defined, and they don’t have an expectation that’s clear; they only have an interest.

When you become committed, when you can communicate with your brain and your body, then you create alignment with your purpose and your goals.

Consequently, you’ll be able to teach yourself to create on command.

You’ll move out of the “How do I” and “What If” into an inspired, relaxed body that can create on demand.

You’ll be able to create value that people can sense and feel is the real you.

And you’ll not be in an overwhelmed or anxious state anymore.

When in a relaxed body, not an anxious or nervous one, your creativity begins to ebb and flow.

It’s in that kind of flow that creates your prosperity, your reciprocity, that creates your science of attraction.

Anyone can become a multiple figure-earner.


Many people ask, “How do I?”

But that is the wrong question.

The real question is, “Why don’t you?”

The reason you don’t is a series of events that create an identity.

If you believe that you are someone who is a procrastinator or an “avoider,” then you’ll continue to perpetuate the same set of feelings and create the same result.

In the law of alignment, you learn to believe.

Meaning a sense of certainty, rather than a sense of uncertainty.

Your belief is your sense of certainty; your disbelief is your sense of uncertainty.

It’s your sense of uncertainty that keeps you overwhelmed in addiction tolerance.

When you tell yourself your not good at something, that becomes your identity.

For example, you could say, “I’m not good at writing.”

Well, you probably haven’t had enough practice to discern that.

You’ll become very skilled at writing when you start to practice the ten thousand hour habit of it.

That means repetition and experience.

This is what allows you to be good, and as a result from good to great, from great to exceptional, from exceptional to mastery, and from master to mastered.


Breaking through is a very simple exercise you practice one day at a time.

It’s letting go of your story, its letting go of the anxiety that keeps you overwhelmed.

You need a clear why, which is a clearly defined reason to change.

Your why must be greater than your anxieties.

Your reason to change must be greater than your problems.

Many people focus on their problems, like their debts, how disorganized they are, or how overwhelmed they are, rather than focusing on a “being” state where one day at a time is the person you are being.

By doing this, it changes your emotions and it determines who and what you attract.

When your emotions are driven by love, joy, bliss, inspiration, value, and service, instead of fear and anxiety, you’ll begin to attract your reality.

But in order to do that, you need to let go of what is familiar; let go of your ego.

“Change is not difficult; change is new”
– Jeffery Combs

The more you understand that you are changing your identity, and letting go of what is familiar and your ego, the more you’ll be able to relax in the state of being.

As you step into that person you know you’re capable of being, time becomes a different level of energy.

You can dedicate blocks of time to a new skill and become committed to that skill and your anxiety will begin to dissipate.

Now, when you move into action, you’ll separate your feelings from the anxieties you create.

It’s that kind of energy that will begin to change your message, and creativity will begin, the inspired variety.

For instance, it’s the kind of inspired creativity that will allow you to write a great post that have people like what you do.

That’s a habit and a skill you need to hone in, and to do so you need to dedicate blocks of time to master it.

When you’re free of emotions that drive your inaction, then you can be in an emotion that drives your action.

And getting into action is the #1 key to success.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Okay…so where do I start?”

A lot of people, especially when they’re first starting out, feel lost and unsure where to focus.

And, as a result, they become overwhelmed.

Heck, I certainly did!

But I had an even stronger desire to be free from my job and to have time freedom—I had a why greater than my problems and that pushed me into action.

Now, for you to move beyond fear and anxiety, and master your emotions, you too need a why to push you past inspiration and into action.

Your why is for you to decide.

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I can’t promise the same results for you, because every situation and person is different.

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

Talk soon,

Andrea Holley

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