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The Internet Never Forgets

This November will mark 3 years since network marketing entered my life. Leading me down a whirlwind path mixed with amazing highs and soul crushing lowsMy network marketing journey definitely had its share of mistakes and fumbles along the way. Hopefully my friend and family have forgotten my crazy attempts at prospecting and the never […]

2 Simple Steps to Break Down The Money Objection

How many times have you heard “how much is it” and “that’s too expensive”? If you’ve been in Network Marketing for any time at all, the money objection is the most common one you will encounter. Unfortunately, most marketers are trained incorrectly to respond to money objections.  Most people try to convince the prospect that it’s not […]

Facebook Posting Done Right The 10 4 1 Rule

Are you struggling to grow you business on Facebook?  How much content and what is the content you’re posting on Facebook….that’s what really matters in the long run. If you follow the 10 – 4- 1 Rule to posting on your personal profile you’re guaranteed to grow your brand quick and get a great following of people….that’s […]

Cold Prospect on Facebook The Right Way

No matter how successful you are in your business it’s important to always be refilling your funnel….that means you’re going to have to prospect. Now you know I don’t love prospecting anyone and everyone and I don’t do it anymore…I definitely don’t leave my home with the intention to go prospect people anymore…what a freaking relief […]

How to Recruit Your Uber or Lyft Driver

I’ll be leaving out on Friday to head off to Vegas for the No Excuses 8 Summit…Really excited to absorb tons of great information and learn new marketing strategies from all the pros.  I know this is going to be a great opportunity for me to learn all kinds of new things and meet tons of […]