Cold Prospect on Facebook The Right Way

No matter how successful you are in your business it’s important to always be refilling your funnel….that means you’re going to have to prospect.

Now you know I don’t love prospecting anyone and everyone and I don’t do it anymore…I definitely don’t leave my home with the intention to go prospect people anymore…what a freaking relief that is…love just going out to interact with my friends and family and not have an ulterior motive in mind. 

I totally believe in a Attraction Marketing and have learned a ton from the Attraction Marketing Formula…It’s a simple guide that talks about branding yourself and attracting people to you. So you don’t have to go hit up everyone within 3 feet of you anymore. However, you can’t build a business and build it fast…especially when you’re just getting started by only putting information out in the land of Facebook and hoping people bite…

That is why I believe in and teach my people a hybrid approach of Attraction Marketing + Power Prospecting = Hybrid Building…this is where the magic happens. 

Today I want to focus on Power Prospecting and using Facebook Messenger to do it!

First step in Cold Messaging…do a background check. Go to the prospects profile and spend under 2 minutes looking at their profile. What are they posting about? What kind of pictures have they posted? The idea here is to get some information about your prospect to compliment them on or ask them about.

Second step is to say Hello…use their name and compliment them. Hi xxxx. I mean literally you have to say hello and use their name…how many messages have you received that didn’t even have your name in it? It feels impersonal…be a human being and talk to people on messenger just like you would in person. So that might be HEY…whats up…

Third step is to pay them a compliment…Hi xxxx, loved your pictures from your vacation to Panama City Beach. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Get specific…make it obvious you looked at their pictures. Even better when you’re doing your background check you can like and comment on those pictures! 

Fourth step is to end with a question….Hi xxxx, loved your pictures from your vacation to Panama City Beach. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Was it your kids first time to the beach? Our brains are programmed to answer questions after we read it…so internally they will immediately answer the question…at least in their brain.

See how easy that is…it gets the conversation going….

But what if they never respond to my message….well you’re going to want to watch my video to see how I handle that.

Feel free to share this with anyone who might enjoy it and also comment below on your favorite tip or your biggest takeaway. I can’t wait to see your comments!

Andrea Holley

P.S. If you’re upline isn’t teaching you how to use social media right way then you need to come pick up your Free Social Media Recruiting Guide so you can Accelerate the Journey to Your Dreams just like I have!

Andrea Holley Boss Mom

I was a hard working girl in Corporate America that had a great job and two little kids that I never got to see. I wanted more for me and them. I knew Network Marketing could be the path for me to spend more time with my family and start enjoying my life more on MY terms. So, I got to work and built a Network Marketing company while working a full time job. I was only able to do this by building my business online. I'm a full time mom now with an awesome side gig and I want to teach you the same strategies and techniques that worked for you can realize your dreams and purpose too!

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