Facebook Posting Done Right The 10 4 1 Rule

Are you struggling to grow you business on Facebook? 

How much content and what is the content you’re posting on Facebook….that’s what really matters in the long run.

If you follow the 10 – 4- 1 Rule to posting on your personal profile you’re guaranteed to grow your brand quick and get a great following of people….that’s where the magic is at is the followers…those are the people that are seeing your content regularly. People have to see what you post for them to start getting to like, know and trust you.

And we know you have to have them like, know and trust you before they’re going to buy from you.

The 10.4.1 Rule

10 lifestyle posts per week.

Super easy right…that’s 1 post per day and a couple extras on the weekend.

What is a lifestyle post…it could be anything from:

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Funny Pictures
  • Family Pictures
  • Fun stuff you’re doing or have read
  • Pictures of your pets

 4 subtle business posts per week

What is a subtle business post…essentially something that has to do with your niche or your industry but where you don’t just come right out and promote your product or opportunity. 

Some great examples of subtle business posts are:

  • (Example for health and wellness) Facebook live sharing how to make a healthy recipe and during the live you briefly mention something about one of your products has helped you feel great.
  • Top tips for XXX. This example can be used with any industry and one of your top tips has something to do with your product/opportunity

 Power Business Post

A power business post is literally that…a powerful post that is all about your product or opportunity. 

Now you’re going to want to be careful here and not just be a sales commercial in this post but help show people the benefit or the benefit from your product or opportunity.

Check out my video for the full training on the 10 – 4 – 1 Rule and more examples and ideas.

The 10.4.1 Rule

Isn’t that so simple…and it’s even easier to teach to your team than anything else I’ve ever done.

I mean literally think about it…you’re posting to Facebook twice per day sometimes even less and it’s not all a bunch a crap nobody wants to see.

I’m so excited to hear how you’ve implemented this in your business and your results from it.

Be sure to comment below and tell me how it’s going.

Andrea Holley

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I was a hard working girl in Corporate America that had a great job and two little kids that I never got to see. I wanted more for me and them. I knew Network Marketing could be the path for me to spend more time with my family and start enjoying my life more on MY terms. So, I got to work and built a Network Marketing company while working a full time job. I was only able to do this by building my business online. I'm a full time mom now with an awesome side gig and I want to teach you the same strategies and techniques that worked for me...so you can realize your dreams and purpose too!

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