How To Launch Your New Team Member Without Ever Leaving Home

It’s so important to have a process to set up your new team member for quick success…nothing motivates and keeps people around like getting that first check.

You can do this so easily without anyone ever having to leave their home and without your new team member feeling pressured to sell.

First Things First

Your new team member is going to set up a private Facebook event off their personal profile. You’ll want to make sure they add you as a host to the private event.

Because the event is private it allows them to not have that feeling of being too vulnerable for everyone on Facebook land to see what they are doing.

You’re also not asking them to put up a post on their profile that makes them feel like they’re selling.

Second Step

You’re going to have them invite all their HOT market…those people that love them, trust them and want to support them in whatever it is they do in life.

After they send the invite they are going to send a private message to each person they invited…it will be something along the lines of “Hey Aunt Sue,  I’m going to be making a big announcement on Facebook (Thursday at 6:00pm) and I knew you wouldn’t want to miss it. So I created a private event and and am inviting you so you can be there:) When you get the invite just click on it and click going! Thanks….Can’t wait to see you there!!

Third Step

You are going to set up a BeLive.TV Face to Face Interview Broadcast and you’re going to use that to go LIVE in the event and interview your new team member….not familiar with BeLive.TV…It is essentially Facebook Live but with 2 people on the screen at the same time.

What are you going to say during the BeLive.TV interview…well you’re going to want to watch my short video on this HERE.

Check out the video to hear all the details on how I launch my new team members without leaving my house.

Pretty Awesome…Isn’t that the easiest launch strategy EVER!!??

Now just imagine that 5 people sign up with your new member and then even just one of them does a launch too….see how quickly that can duplicate and explode!!

I’m excited to hear your awesome results by using the new launch strategy….be sure to comment below with your sweet SUCCESS!

Andrea Holley

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Andrea Holley Boss Mom

I was a hard working girl in Corporate America that had a great job and two little kids that I never got to see. I wanted more for me and them. I knew Network Marketing could be the path for me to spend more time with my family and start enjoying my life more on MY terms. So, I got to work and built a Network Marketing company while working a full time job. I was only able to do this by building my business online. I'm a full time mom now with an awesome side gig and I want to teach you the same strategies and techniques that worked for you can realize your dreams and purpose too!

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