My name is Andrea and I’m ready to accelerate the journey to your dreams

I’m a straightforward tell it like it is simple kind of girl. I grew up in the middle of the woods in Northeast Oklahoma in a tiny town with one stop light (well actually is was a blinking red light).

I was raised in a medical family and taught early on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and helping other people. My dad was the town doctor and my mom was his nurse.

They came to this rural community and built their business from the ground up. They planted the seed early of the joy to be found with helping others and being your own boss.

The Start of Helping other people

After high school I moved to Texas and pursued a nursing degree and started my nursing career in the Pediatic Intensive Care Unit. Being a nurse was an amazing experience that brought me great joy but I couldn’t imagine working 12 hour shifts for the rest of my life.

So I decide to go to law school and become an attorney. That was the beginning of my journey into Corporate America.

My time in corporate America

I love being an attorney and helping people by analyzing a problem and giving opinions and counsel. This is just another way that I’ve been able to fulfil my need to help others.

I was very happy as a corporate attorney for hospitals for a long time…. I was content with where I was at in my life. I didn’t think I needed anything else. Then I had my son and things started to change… By that time I had been working 60 + hours a week for more than 7 years. It had taken a toll on my body. My Celiac disease symptoms of gut inflammation and malabsorption were making me miserable and robbing me of energy and joy.

The road to Health

The need to get healthy and lose that baby weight that was still there at 18 months post partum had me looking for an answer to my health problems. It’s well known that the best wellness products on the market are all sold by network marketing companies…

I tried a bunch of them but just wasn’t happy with the products and wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Then I found MY company and not only have the products changed my health but they’ve changed my life and my family’s life.

Network Marketing... What?

I didn’t see the vision of network marketing right away…matter of fact, I couldn’t even imagine doing it. I was a happy product user and customer for over a year and a half. I continued to work long hours as an attorney without a thought of there being a better way. Then I got pregnant with my daughter and I started to question…

How was I going to do this with 2 kids?...

What was I going to miss out on?....

Someone else was raising my kids. I made the decision then to pursue my dream of time freedom and unlimited income potential with my wellness and nutrition company.

My Network Marketing roller coaster

Just like everything else I do in my life, when I make a decision to do something I jump all in. I did the same with network marketing. I didn’t have any prior sales experience, so I tried to be a sponge and absorb as much as I could.

My up line taught me to use Facebook to promote my products and that I needed to do home and restaurant meetings to grow my business as well as do 3 way phone calls.

Unfortunately the way I was taught to use Facebook only ran my friends off and caused them to unfollow me. 

The home and restaurant meetings worked but took me away from my family even more than I was already, and the 3 way phone calls took up so much time that I was struggling to build my own business with them let alone duplicate it for my downline.

This forced me to look for another way…I knew there had to be a better way.

The Better Way

I started looking for mentor ship and education… I found it and Attraction Marketing!  

It was a game changer…

It made all my dreams seem like a reality again. I learned how to use Facebook the right way…

How to attract people to me and brand myself not my company.

I also learned online strategies and tools to automate my business so I can do more with less time. That meant no need to do tons of home and restaurant meetings and a way to share information and close the deal without a 3 way phone call.

These small changes helped my business take off and accelerated my path to my dream of being home with my kids.

On May 1st, 2017 I worked my last day in the world of Corporate America.

How This Helps You

I take all that I learn and package it together for you, so that you can accelerate the path to your dreams. I want you to achieve the success that you dream of.

Anything is possible because YOU are the ONE!


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